As CFO, Nalie Lee-Wen heads The PPA Group’s internal finance department. She specializes in developing profitable relationships with capital partners and coordinating seamless transactions during the funding and closing phase of The PPA Group’s acquisitions.

Nalie oversees the team of accounting professionals for The PPA Group and its family of companies, including CLEAR Property Management. Her experience in commercial financing and lender relationships contributes significant value to the company’s operational management. She also plays a pivotal role in the asset management and property management departments.

Prior to joining The PPA Group, Nalie was the Chief Executive Officer of a commercial real estate funding group. Nalie has over 10 years of experience in real estate financing, asset management, and portfolio management. Her strong background in real estate and finance has afforded Nalie with a singular talent for anticipating potential problems and creating effective solutions that stop asset acquisitions issues in their tracks — before they can derail a deal. Nalie’s high level of expertise in working with state and local governments, surveyors, vendors, lenders, and legal professionals further empowers her to resolve title issues and move acquisitions over the finish line.